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Middle East – North Africa News Brief

MENA Regional Low Intensity Conflicts, April 9 – April 15 [SAUDI ARABIA]: Shiite militants opened fire on a vehicle traveling through al Qudaih, part of the al Qatatif area, of the Eastern Province, on April 7th. The driver… Keep Reading

The Shifting Sands of the Dictator

“We got rid of a terrible dictator. We gave the Iraqi people an opportunity for a new life under a representative form of government.” ― Colin Powell The new US administration, under the leadership of… Keep Reading

Can robots make moral decisions?

What happens when artificial intelligence has to make tough moral choices—say, a self-driving car that must decide whether to avoid hitting a child, even if it means plowing into an oncoming vehicle full of adults?… Keep Reading

The Battle of Virtual Assistants

If you’ve been wishing your life was more like an episode of “The Jetsons,” today there are many ways to make that happen. Not the floating cities or flying cars stuff, but the other stuff.… Keep Reading

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