Trump Israel

A Trump Israel Wrap Up

JD Thompson reports from Tel Aviv on President Trump’s trip to Israel and his final day. US President Donald Trump’s final day in … Keep Reading

Jimmy Stare

Man Of A Certain Age

A musician’s Twitter feed is as important today as the ability to sing, but one former Marine stands out for timeless rock … Keep Reading

News Wire

Main image IoT

The U.S. moves forward towards a national IoT strategy

The U.S. government has continued to move forward towards providing spectrum and infrastructure assets, promoting global interoperability standards and technology innovation, and encouraging a secure and interoperable Internet of Things (IoT). Last week a group of… Keep Reading

Main image Bill Maher

The myth of the smug liberal

Lima Charlie Political Correspondent Jose Robledo takes on the myth of the smug Liberal, the first of a 3 part series. Part 2 tackles the myth of the angry Conservative. Part 3 examines the frightening deterioration of… Keep Reading

main environment main

Environment will define the Trump Era

The Trump era will, one day, be used as a case study for how it catapulted the environmental industry forward and brought greater attention to climate change. According to IBISWorld, the environmental consulting industry will… Keep Reading

Middle East Update

Middle East – North Africa News Brief

MENA Regional Low Intensity Conflicts, April 22 – April 29 [MISC]: ADVISORY: Throughout May 1st there will be travel disruptions, and possible protests, due to the International Workers’ Day celebrations. In the past this day has also marked… Keep Reading

Image main Russia arctic bases

Russia’s New Arctic Military Bases

In April 2017, the Russian Government announced that it had completed its new military bases in the Arctic and had completed most of the work on restoring several military bases in the region which had… Keep Reading

Image main RegTech Lima Charlie

The RegTech Revolution: Start Here!

As the global markets grow in complexity and the threat of sophisticated cyberattacks escalates the amount of new financial regulation has skyrocketed. Keeping current with all of these new provisions is a costly and complicated… Keep Reading

Middle East Update

Middle East – North Africa News Brief

MENA Regional Low Intensity Conflicts, April 15 – April 23 [EGYPT]: An Egyptian Air Force F-16 struck an alleged Islamic State weapons and gathering point in the Sinai Peninsula on April 20th, killing 19 affiliated militants, according to… Keep Reading

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